The Gift of Dyslexia

Dyslexia is a unique mindset that is often gifted and productive. It is important to understand that dyslexic people learn differently. Geraldton Tutoring Services (GTS) help your child to discover their learning potential and guide them on the right path.

Take a moment to consider what your child is good at? Do they excel in maths, sport, art or music? Dyslexia is often stereotyped with being “creative types” which uses the right side of the brain. Check out the list below of famous people that show career options are endless. Is your child going to be the next Richard Branson?

Just because someone has dyslexia, does not mean that they are not intelligent, many are of average or above average intelligence. It is important to be aware that a child with dyslexia often THINKS differently and therefore needs to to be taught differently so that they can learn.

GTS uses a programme that is recommended for people with dyslexia and tailors it to the individual to help support and enhance their abilities.

Famous People with Dyslexia

Approximately 20% of people have Dyslexia – this is basically 1 out of 5 people.

Dyslexia can range from mild to severe.

Check out some of the inspirational famous dyslexic individuals that show a wide array of some potential career paths. Help unleash the potential in your child by guiding them on the right path to a successful future with early intervention.

Note: This is a small selection of talented individuals with Dyslexia however there are many, many more people out there that have Dyslexia whether officially diagnosed or not.